We are now a nanny agency in Saint Martin de Belleville,les Menuires and Val Thorens : 
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Baby sitting, childcare and nanny service in the 3 vallées / garde d'enfants à domicile


Meet the team St Martin and les Menuires :

ski nanny enjoying the snow

Barbara, 36 years old, speaks Polish, French and English.

available in Saint martin de Belleville, les Menuires and Val Thorens daytime, 2 seasons as full time nanny

Barbara lives locally and a mum of 2 littles ones, one born in 2016 and the 2nd one born in spring 2018.

She is really amazing and has excellent feedback.

ski nanny

Valerie, 32 years old, speaks French and English;

" Hello, Families ! I'm a 5* hotel trained nanny ;)

My first job was at the Sofitel Resort, where I got the chance to be around little munchkins, the younger ones, aged two years old.

I have been living here for two and a half year, and this winter season will be my 4th in Les Menuires. For me childcare is definitely not just about being well trained, it's a way of being.

So I can make you a list of all qualities and skills required, yes i am trustworthy, I can be he queen of the clean if asked, i have reserve of patience, I am safety conscious...

But I'm also a passionate nanny ;) ! It's also about a moment of sharing, connecting.

So, I am also an activity provider, an entertainer, a performer, a chef, an arbiter, a bodyguard, a boo-boo kisser, an art-and-crafts instructor. My goal is to nurture their sense of wonder, inspire them, make them proud of themselves.

And I know my mission have been fully accomplished when leaving, I can feel your kids woke up the inner child in me too.


I propose the following 'Quality time activities' :

● Parents approved excursions ● Creating dance choreography ● dancing singing ● Scrapbooking ● Nail art ● Yoga sessions ..."

ski nanny

Hello Everyone, My name is Julie i am 27, i am french and speak fluently english ans spanish. Living in Les Menuires, i am available the afternoons and evenings. Before to work in the hospitality field i was an au pair in the USA for two years in Washington where i took care of un infant, toddler , and two older kids. Very creative, dynamic and playful i enjoy spending time with children of all ages, from baby to teenagers. I love doing crafts, outdoor activites and sports : i was a volleyball player when i was younger. As a caring and fun person, i am used to take care of my nieces when i am at home. Very responsible, i have a training in first aid and my driver's licence.

ski nanny

Nathalie, 38 ans , parle français , anglais et espagnol.,1 season comme nounou à temps plein
J'ai deux grandes passions dans la vie , la danse classique et les enfants. De la première j'en ai fait mon métier pendant 18 ans dont 10 ans au Royaume-Uni en tant que danseuse et enseignante pour les tous petits.
Depuis 2 ans nous nous sommes installés dans la vallée, où est née ma petite fille.
Je me suis toujours occupé d'enfants,  et j'aime les aider à grandir en s'épanouissant.

ski nanny

Emma, 31 years old, speaks English.

available in Saint martin de Belleville, les Menuires evenings,

1 season as full time nanny

" I have been around children since I can remember. With being apart of a big family and having two beautiful children myself I have lots of experience with all ages. I treat all children as if they were my own by caring for them and trying to help them build life skills. Getting them out in the fresh air or helping them get creative with all type of artistic activity’s. "

ski nanny in Saint martin de Belleville

Clemence 25 ans

disponible les soirees

Bonjour, je travaille en crèche depuis trois ans avec mon CAP Petite Enfance . 

Je peux proposer des activités manuelles, des sorties comme la luge, le fun Park, la piscine, des balades, l'accompagnement au cours de ski. Je peux m'occuper des enfants de un mois à la pré-adolescence Je possède aussi mon brevet de secourisme. Quelques notions d'anglais. 

ski nanny

Bonjour je m'appelle Lisa Je parle français, et j ai déjà fait du baby sitting toute la saison d'hiver 2017-2018 où j'ai gardé un petit garçon de 5ans. L'an dernier pour les vacances de février j'ai gardé 2 enfants en bas age. Je suis ouverte à toute proposition d'activité, comme la luge, les jeux de societe, la patinoire à saint martin... À très vite.

disponible aux vacances scolaires

ski nanny in action

Carlotta, 45 years old, Italian, speaks English and French

Available in St Martin de Belleville and les Menuires days and evenings 6 seasons as full time nanny

" I love children, expecially the very little ones from 5-6 months to one year old, they are very cute!

Since I moved to live with my partner in St. Jean De Belleville (near St. Martin), in winter I look after the children and this is the fourth winter I'm doing this job. I'm italian and I studied administration and languages at high school in Italy where I worked in office for different companies. In summer I'm a tour leader for bicycle tours and I work mostly for an american tour operator and for an italian too, so I work with americans, canadians and italians clients. I did the first aid training, I have to do it every two years for the american tour operator I'm working for. Four years ago I also took part, like a voluntary, in the ambulance emergency service of the italian village I lived."

ski nanny loves children

" Hello, my name is Nataliya, I am 41 and I speak English, French, Russian and Ukrainian. 

My experience with kids includes a year of Au pair in a family with a baby (starting from her 4 month) and 2 sisters of 8 and 10y.o.

Then as a student I baby-sitted for about a year a 6-months old boy (till his 18 m) and then a 3 y.o boy until his entrance in primary school.
Besides I have 3 kids, aged of 12, 9, 4 and a baby born in May 2019 : 3 boys and a girl.

As I have a baby, I would prefer a job where I could take him with me or some short-time care (until 3 or 4 hours).

I am kind, caring, patient. I like reading books to kids, singing songs, playing table games and walking outdoors. I love babies."

Bonjour, je m'appelle Clémence, j'ai 29 ans. Je suis saisonnière depuis plusieurs années.J'ai déjà fait beaucoup de baby-sitting et je suis titulaire du bafa. Je suis de nature patiente et enjouée.


My name is Elly Riviere (35 years old). I am American and French. I moved from the USA to France in 2004 to complete my studies in Grenoble. I speak both French and English. I'm a Red Cross certified child care provider and a life guard. I have two children of my own. I have been living in les menuires for the winter season for the last six years.

I have always enjoyed all work that involves taking care of others.

It would be my pleasure to nanny from time to time this season in les Menuires.

I am available during the day and evenings.

ski nanny evening baby sitter

Alan, Moniteur de ski de 26 ans, passionné par mon métier et dans la vallée des Belleville depuis maintenant 7 ans, je parle français et anglais couramment. Je suis doté d'une expérience avec les enfants de tout âge grâce à mon métier et certains baby-sittings. Patient, dynamique et souriant je suis disponible en soirée uniquement car étant sur les pistes la journée dans les 3 vallées. Je me déplace dans toute la vallée et suis très réactif.

ski nanny

Je m'appelle Morgane j'ai 44 ans je suis maman de 2 enfants de 12 et 16 ans. Mes Expériences sont : 

- Nourrice agréé pendant 4 ans.

 - Une saison d'hiver au piou-piou de Saint-Martin-de-Belleville/ menuires Garde d'enfant pendant une saison d'été à Saint-Marcel 11 ans que je travaille à la cantine de Saint-Martin de Belleville en tant que responsable Je suis au contact des enfants tout au long de l'année, je sais gérer tout type de situation. Je parle le français. Je suis disponible les mercredis et les dimanches ainsi que les vacances scolaires de notre zone 

ski nanny


I am Alexia, I am 20 years old, I am French and local from St Martin de Belleville.

I am experienced with kids and I love them. I speak both French and English. I am responsible, helpful and kind.

I worked as an aupair in Manchester when I was 16 years old. Since I was 12 years old, I had the chance to take care of kids. I started to look after my cousins and then I worked for many families such as in La Bouitte in a luxury hotel, for instance. Additionally, I am on the baby-sitter list at the tourism office at Les Menuires since 2014, so families call me when they need me. And I am glad to help them. I did babystting 3 times a week in Milan and Paris for 2 years, as well.

I have experience with baby from 3 months old to 14 years old.

I will be more than happy if you need me.

available school holidays


ski nanny with great buggy

Sylvie, 44, French, speaks English

Available days in St Martin de Belleville, les Menuires and Val Thorens

And run Ski nanny agency since January 2015 :) 

I have a cleared DBS ( new CRB check) and have my Paediatric First Aid. 

I used to run Lingotot in Brighton and Hove and was French teacher in nursery and primary school. I did some English classes 2014/15 season at the local school too in Praranger. 
Finally I am studing a NVQ in childcare called "CAP petite enfance" by distance, and with placement during the low season in the local school. We, my 2 daughters and I, live the whole year around in Les Granges in Saint Martin de Belleville and we love it : " We may not have it all together, but together we have it all"
I love having fun with the children in creating fun memories. People like the fact I am fluent in French and in English and understand toddler talk! 
As a local mum and a nanny, I know about any children connected event in the resort and the best children spots!

And few more nannies ( who dont want the picture online !)